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Front end web developer


Hey there! I'm James Zhong (or Thebitspud), a high school student with a love for computers and all things code. On this website, you will find links to projects I have worked on in the past as well as sneak peaks of my upcoming releases. To learn more about me, click the button below!

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I recently started a personal blog called Digital Tater that revolves around coding and the various programming projects that I am currently working on. Additionally, I occasionally upload posts that focus on other subjects such as video games, advice, or pop culture.

Featured Project: WebDevGuide

This is a web development tutorial website that I use as a reference and teaching tool at Vikings Dev. I have been periodically working on and updating the lessons since the end of October 2018.

To see more of what I've done, be sure to check out my portfolio!

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Email: thebitspud@gmail.com

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